I Got Nipples For Christmas! – Blog #7

Hello again, Friends!


Today’s post is going to be all about my new nipples! I went ahead and put together a little video where I talk in detail about the prosthetics I got for Christmas – what they look like, feel like, and how to use them.

In addition to the Vlog post, I wanted to talk a little bit about the reason why having these new additions is so special to me and do a little product review on them:

I’ve only barely touched on the subject of losing a body part that makes me feel like a woman and makes them a part of who I am as a person, but in reflecting on the past few weeks of recovery, I wanted to share a little bit about it with you all before getting into all of the details involving my newest accessory!

When I first made the decision to have this Prophylactic Double Mastectomy, I had done several months of research. I knew it was a heavy decision and that I needed to make sure I was 100% confident in my choice when I made it. By the time I made the choice and was discussing the procedures with both of my surgeons, I thought I was completely sold on a Nipple-and-Skin sparing Double Mastectomy, all the way up until a few days before surgery. This decision appealed to me because it meant I would get to keep a part of myself that I actually loved! I was also happy to hear that while I could keep them in tact, Id also still be able to decrease my risk by such a high amount (roughly 94%)! However, when I revisited my options with my Plastic Surgeon, she told me that in my situation, it may make more sense cosmetically to go ahead and remove my all of my tissue as well as my nipples while keeping as much surrounding skin in place as possible. Now, keep in mind that my plastic surgeon has been doing these surgeries for around 25 years now and is the head of the plastic surgery department for a high-risk breast cancer center within one of the best teaching universities in the state – so when she said something would be a better option for me, I didn’t take it lightly. After I left my appointment with her I was not very sure at all of my decision anymore and I needed to re-evaluate my options a little bit further before I officially went under the knife and there would be no going back. I went home and discussed with several trusted family members and friends and did a ton of research all to conclude that I would go ahead and have my nipples removed. A couple of factors that played into this choice for me include: 1 – It would reduce my risk by an even higher amount than if I left them on (due to the potential for breast tissue to be left behind on the nipple), and 2 – as vain as I feel saying it, if I had an option that would have a better cosmetic outcome for me than leaving them on my body, I would rather take that route. After all, these ta-tas are my new property for the rest of my life and as a woman with my whole life ahead of me, I wanted to make sure I loved my decision and wouldn’t go on regretting my choice later in life. It sounds silly, but being comfortable in the skin I’m in is very important. The scariest part of making the decision was that I knew there would be no turning back once I was off of the table and into recovery.

One of the main things that made me so sure of my decision was the fact that I had alternative options to my originals, including the protheses that I received for Christmas. Now, without further ado I will share with you all my review of the Pink-Perfect Prosthetic Nipples.


On the website, these prosthetics look so awesome – though I could tell in the photos that they weren’t the real deal. When they arrived to me and I tried them on for the first time, they looked WAY BETTER than what was advertised on the site, and that’s saying a lot considering they already looked so spectacular on the website! I was wary, but I was so pleasantly surprised by the appearance after trying them on. They look like they’re just part of my body and they make me feel so good about my appearance – like I never even lost a part of myself.


When I first removed them from the packaging, they were light where it was important, but substantial where it mattered if you know what I mean. The edges are so thin that they lie seamlessly where they are placed and they just look so natural where they sit! They have true bumps and ridges where a normal one would and the color matched perfectly with my skin tone, though I think I got lucky with this outcome.


These bad boys are very expensive considering the amount of material that is used for them, however when you’re in a situation where you just want to feel normal again, can you really put a price on them? Plus, I researched several other, much less expensive prosthetic options and concluded that these ones were my best option by a long-shot.

Overall – are they worth the $300+ that they are valued at? Absolutely. As I said before, you can’t put a price tag on the opportunity to feel like a woman and be confident in your skin. I would recommend these to every single person who goes through the same surgery I underwent.

I hope you guys enjoyed my video and find this review useful if you’re in a similar situation and are on the fence about whether or not to purchase! I appreciate your continued loyalty to my blog and look forward to sharing with you again soon 🙂


With Confidence,



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